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Integrated Cards

Our stock, plain or printed integrated cards are used for membership organisations or promotions.
We lead the way for the manufacturer of integrated cards, stock integrated cards, plain integrated cards, custom integrated cards or printed integrated cards we have the solution in either three variations pop out cards, peel out cards or butterfly cards. With the capacity to print up to 10 colours, most integrated cards we print are full colour, CMYK which give your card the right impact for your membership or promotional process. Our integrated card area is coated in laser printable laminate on the face side for a professional looking finish with no smudges or blurring either one sided or both. We believe our laminate which is exclusive to us performs the best in the market. Integrated cards printed on a laser printer or inkjet allow you to use one printing pass to create a membership letter with a protective laminate, these cards are perfect for your customers to peel out and keep. Integrated cards are vital tools for successful membership organisations and or promotions offering a cost advantage and flexibility over normal plastic credit card style cards.
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Make the most of marketing and advertising opportunities by using integrated cards to create:
Integrated Business Cards, Integrated Membership Cards, Integrated Butterfly Conference Badges, Integrated Helpline Cards, Integrated Promotional Cards, Integrated Bi-Fold Cards and Integrated Photo ID Cards.

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    CD1 Integrated card
    CD1 integrated cards
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    Integrated Cards

    Integrated Card (CD1)

  • CD2 Integrated card
    CD2 integrated cards
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    Integrated Cards

    Integrated Card (CD2)

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    Integrated Cards

    Integrated Card (CS2)

  • CS3 Integrated card
    CS3 integrated card dimension
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    Integrated Cards

    Integrated Card (CS3)