Cardboard Envelopes

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Our cardboard envelopes are a light rigid cardboard mailer. Manufactured using a strong stiff cardboard. These cardboard envelopes are designed with integrated outer creases. The special fold design provides impact protection on the corners through the postal network. These carefully positioned folds expand out to hold enough items, protecting the goods inside from damage. Folded out is similar to a small box. This capacity enables for different size inserts. 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Rigid Corrugated card mailers are suitable to meet EU postal regulations. Paper peel and seal tape with aggressive hi tack adhesive and fast tear strip opening system. This product is an excellent consideration for the removal of single use plastics used in ecommerce packaging. Online retailers report 25% faster packing and nearly 70% fewer returns versus conventional packaging products using with these Amazon style mailers. With more of a focus on sustainability, the demand for innovative and sustainable packaging solutions increases. This cardboard envelope product helps protect the environment.
Cardboard Envelope sizes

  • A1 180mm x 235mm
  • A194 194mm x 292mm
  • A2 234mm x 334mm
  • A3 249mm X 352mm
  • 300gsm & 400gsm
  • Capacity Book Mailers
  • Cardboard Envelopes
  • Amazon Style Cardboard Envelopes