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Welcome to the UK’s leading supplier of integrated labels and packaging especially for eCommerce

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We lead the way for stock integrated labels while others follow

Cheap Integrated Labels is your number one supplier who you can trust every time. Our core business in plain stock single, double, triple, bullet integrated labels, custom or bespoke for your exact requirement.

With recent investment in the latest equipment we are reducing lead times as we have the UK’s largest capacity for integrated labels. All our products are manufactured here in the UK, we use the highest quality 90gsm paper which uses less toner per print and a quick release label which speeds up the packaging process.

Our on-line clients range from ebay and Amazon sellers too many major blue chip clients, we are experts in helping clients change to the growing use of integrated labels. Our goal is your goal, improve efficiency, maintain quality, reduce costs and together we really can save more.


Triple integrated labels

Three peel out labels per A4 page, the largest label is used for despatch, the second label for returns, the smallest either internally printed with a reference number or barcode but can also be included with the document as a marketing promotional sticker.

Bullet integrated labels

Special or recorded delivery service using a removable style bullet label, two small areas laser barcode printed requires integration with Parcel Force and Royal Mail. The additional larger labels are used for shipping address and Return address, perfect for high value items.

All our labels use the same hot melt adhesive or hot glue this provides several advantages over solvent-based adhesives, a more aggressive strength application perfect for changing packaging materials, with a quick release label. CUSTOMERS, HONOUR, EXCEPTIONALLY, AFFORDABLE, PRICES – “CHEAP” FOR SHORT, cheap integrated labels really is your number one partner for on line sales.

Integrated labels

Integrated labels are a peel out label in an A4 size paper, printed using a laser or inkjet printer and used for order fulfilment and despatch a single document to improve efficiency.

Single integrated labels

One peel out label per A4 page, a removable integrated label with a permanent self-adhesive backing, printed with a customers delivery address.

Double integrated labels

Two peel out labels per A4 page, sharing the same hi tack (hi-tac) extra sticky permanent adhesive, the additional integrated label is used for senders returns address


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Actinic integrated labels

Actinic Integrated Labels

Actinic software UK is part of the Oxatis group, established in 2001 with offices in the UK, France, Italy and Spain and used by many thousands of companies to power their eCommerce stores

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eBay Integrated Labels

Leading market place ebay and our integrated labels ebay are the perfect solution to reduce picking errors and improve despatch.

Amazon integrated labels

Amazon Integrated Labels

Our Integrated Labels for use in Amazon market place as picking note, shipping labels, invoice and despatch note, our S11s lead the way.