Royal Mail Integrated Labels

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Royal Mail integrated labels are a further variation of labels on a roll, which would integrate the package label within the warehouse pick note or despatch document. Perfect for Despatch Manager Online which uses 4″ x 6″ labels (4×6 courier label) . Integrated labels require two-layer paper stationery, this is an A4 Laser paper sheet known as an Integrated label where the package label can be peeled away and stuck to the item. An A4 landscape example is shown here, where the package label is in the top left corner. Barcode peel-off sections and flash labels (as appropriate) would be required for this solution. A portrait style A4 sheet could also be used with the package label at the top or bottom of the sheet.

For more information and details on how to amend your settings to make ensure your details are correctly positioned, visit:—how-to-choose-or-change-your-label-template.#